Boudoir Investment

The session fee of $400 includes the photographers time and talent, complimentary hair and make up done by a professional artist, access to client wardrobe, 1-2 hour session and professional retouching. It DOES NOT include products.


*(10) image Folio Box with matted 8x10 portraits (sizing 11X14 with mat)
*(1) 8"x12" Nightstand Metal Art OR one accordion album

Eligible for 1 pre-payment perk!

1900 (2400 value)


*8x8 Album with 30 images
*(2) 8"x12" metal prints OR two accordion albums
*30 corresponding digital images

Eligible for 2 pre-payment bonuses!

2300 (4200 value)


*10x10 Album with 40 images
*(1) 16x24 Metal Print
* Full Digital Collection

Eligible for three pre-payment bonus perks!

2700 (5400 VALUE)


*10x10 Leather Album with 40 images
*(10) image Folio Box with matted 8X10 portraits (sizing 11x14 with mat)
*(2) 16"x24" metal wall art
*(2) 11"x14" metal wall art
*Full digital collection

Eligible for four pre-payment bonus perks!

4500 (9100 value)


By choosing to pre-pay for one of the luxury products collections prior to your session, we will include your choice(es) of the following at no additional cost. To pre-purchase, you many choose to pay in full or take advantage of our no interest pre-session payment plans. Pre-purchases must be complete no later than 30 days prior to the session to be eligible for the bonuses.

Standard- Choose 1 bonus

Deluxe- Choose 2 bonuses

Premium- Choose 3 bonuses

Ultimate- Choose 4 bonuses


  1. 1 size up Album Upgrade
  2. 7 image retro view finder
  3. personalized deck of cards
  4. Access to our shower set
  5. Access to our angel wings
  6. 50% off any session collection within 12 months
  7. Personalized metal key chain
  8. Upgraded acrylic cover album

Build your own collection- A'La Carte Options

$1,800 MINIMUM

Folio Boxes with matted 8x10 portraits

10 images- $1,800

15 images- $2,500

20 images- $3,000

Lay Flat Albums

8x8 with 20 images- $1,800

10X10 with 30 images- $2,200

12X12 with 40 images- $2,500

Metal Wall Art

8x12- $600

16X24- $900

40x60- $2,500

Album Upgrades

Metal photo album cover- $300

Page Gilding- $175

additional pages- $150 per page

Storage Box- $100

Add ons

**Only available with purchase of a package**

Companion album: $500

Custom USB for your purchased digital collection: $300

Poker Cards: $175

Mobile Smartphone App:$500

Entire digital gallery (Add-On ONLY): $2300